Different form of fragrance

Water soluble fragrance

The fragrance of products, which elements of water soluble fragrance have been dissolved in alcohol or water then extracted, lasts longer and has a fresher sense.
It is used in fruit beverages and frozen deserts.

Oil soluble fragrance

It is slightly soluble in water and is a heat resistant product, and because the flavour won't evaporate, even if you heat it up, it is suited for food (such as oil) with a heating step. It's used for candy, chocolate and sweets among others.

Emulsified fragrance

It is an homogenized emulsifier liquid fragrance. The fragrance components of emulsified fragrance are spread among water using an emulsifier or a stabilizer. It boosts the suspension characteristics of the fragrance, giving it a soft fragrance and a sweet flavour.

Powder fragrance

The fragrance components of the powder fragrance are mixed with the powder base material and spray dried to become a powder product through powderization. Its stability is convenable to the light and air, in case of transportation, storage and measurement. Its handling is convenient too.

CEO Satoru Mitsuhashi