What is the flavour?

Flavour is an element that brings aroma which can be put on various products.

Within these flavours there is the food flavouring which, as an additive, is one of the raw material used, as any other flavouring, during the manufacturing process of food products.

The use of flavour is, within the additives, the one which has the longest history as it is even said that people found themselve using flavouring at the time of the discovery of fire.

Maybe they were searching to improve the tastiness of the meat through the smell of the burning branches and resin. In present time, the japanese law of food sanitation defines it as:

An additive added during the production of processed food to increase the aroma

The tastiness of food products is defined by the flavour, the aroma and the texture as a whole but if there was no flavour, no matter how expensive the product is, it would be insipid don't you think?

Tastiness and flavour are inseparable as the flavour plays a major role in our daily meals.

Are you ready to rediscover the flavour you've long forgotten?

CEO Satoru Mitsuhashi