Important Dates

August 1955: Dissolution of the Murakami research institute founded by our former representative director Murakami and establishement of Lacton Chemical industry Co., Ltd. in the present location. the laboratories to its current location.

August 1973 Lacton moves its former factory (headquarters) as well as the sales office and August 1988 Construction of a new factory by the existing one.

February 1990 Obtention of the pollution free facility certificate from Setagaya ward.

January 1996 As a better quality control is still required by the enforcement of the product

November 2002 Obtention of Food Additives Association GMP (Good Manufacturing

November 2005 Acquisition of the ISO 9001:2000

June 2008 With business development, a fragrance business department is created and July 2010 The company's capital is increased to 18 million yen.

liability law (PL law), Lacton establishes a quality control analysis center. Practice) certification from the Japan Food Additives Association.

Lacton Chemical industry Co., Ltd. is established

CEO Satoru Mitsuhashi