Our Company Since the foundation of our company in 1955, we have developed as a manufacturer specializing in food flavoring, with the great support and loyal patronage of our customers.
Our corporate name, Lacton Chemical Industrial, is not an easy one to familiarize oneself with, but over the years, our customers have familiarized themselves enough to call us Lacton, the food flavoring company.
We continue to challenge ourselves from different perspectives.
It has been our theme to draw out subconscious client needs, and provide top quality products.
We strive to provide only-one products that are highly satisfactory for our customers.
We also hope to contribute new and exciting flavors that will be stored as great scents in peoplefs memories.
Furthermore, high quality products cannot be manufactured without the human hand.
We believe that only excellent personnel with extensive experience and expertise can create competitive and original products.
To this end, we have made a strong commitment in motivating our employees by providing high quality corporate education, and opportunities for personal development.
As a result of our efforts, we were one of the first manufacturers to have registered under the GMP Certification from the Japan Food Additives Association.
We are very much in accord with the associationfs beliefs and have been renewing our membership since.
Moreover, in the next year, we will obtain ISO9001: 2008 certification, and now we will obtain ISO22000 / FSSC22000: 2018 certification in order to further improve and establish food safety, and based on these, all employees will work together in unison to maintain our high quality policies of safety, comfort, responding quickly and with dignity.
We will continue to perform at a high level and ensure that our customers will want to use our flavoring and that they will be satisfied with our products.
We hope that you will continue to support our business in the years to come.

CEO Satoru Mitsuhashi